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Our Partnerships

Gothia Towers

Visitors come to Gothia Towers from around the world to stay, dine, socialise and experience Gothenburg from a front-row seat. The three towers at Gothia Towers house 1,200 hotel rooms, the exclusive Upper House hotel, the highest spa in the city, a number of restaurants and sky bars with sweeping views. In other words, Gothia Towers has much to offer: enjoyment and celebrations, tranquillity and relaxation. Somewhere to come any day of the week, or when you have something special to celebrate. Welcome to experience Gothia Towers three towers!

Göteborg Opera

At the Göteborg Opera, you can experience opera, contemporary dance, musicals, and concerts with a local touch and international excellence. The company attracts artists and performers from around the world to create magic and spark imagination. The opera house by the river was inaugurated in 1994. Over the first 30 years, more than 6.7 million visitors have come to enjoy the art together. In 2022, the Göteborg Opera was named the world’s most sustainable opera house by the International Opera Award jury.

Stena Line

Stena Line is one of Europe's leading ferry companies with approximately 40 vessels and 20 routes in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean operating 33,300 sailings each year. Stena Line is an important part of the European logistics network and develops new intermodal freight solutions by combining transport by rail, road and sea. Stena Line also plays an important role in tourism in Europe with its extensive passenger operations. The company is family-owned, was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra consists of 109 musicians who are driven by their love of music and a desire to provide you with a truly wonderful experience that will live long in the memory. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra performs around 100 concerts a year in Gothenburg Concert Hall, with international star conductors and world-renowned soloists. The programme includes classical works from composers such as Mozart and Beethoven as well as new music from contemporary composers, soundtracks and exciting genre mixes.