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Volvo Exhibition

Welcome to the incredible journey through a world where everything starts with you. Learn about how all innovations from Volvo are made with “omtanke” to help you stay safe. Travel back to 1927, where it all started and move forward through history. Don’t miss the opportunity to get more hands-on with Volvo in a spectacular mix of digital and physical experiences.

The Exhibition...

... is a constantly moving experience for people – by people. It centers around humans and shows how Volvo can, has been and will keep playing an important role both in people's everyday lives, society at large and in the joint work to create a better future for everyone.

Get engaged in and amazed by a wide range of interactive experiences. Explore the human body, mind, and senses in a more playful and experimental way than ever. Do you like more physical things? This is your chance to step inside and operate a real full-size excavator, get blown away in our custom-built wind tunnel, and much more.

The Exhibition takes you on an inspiring and seamless journey and invites to a close encounter with the Volvo brand. Come and take part in a truly engaging and memorable experience.

Get blown away

Come and get blown away at World of Volvo and check out how aerodynamic your face is.

Dig it, dig in

Operate a real electric excavator and test both your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

Take a trip down memory lane, among iconic vehicles and along the roads that have shaped us to the Volvo we are today.

We invite you to come curious. To go explore, create, listen, feel, test, try and learn. Hopefully you will be inspired and leave with new perspectives and a deeper understanding of how we all are connected.

Time travel with us

Travel back to when all roads were horrendous and all cars were foreign. The need to develop a Swedish quality vehicle was clear – and two guys made it happen.

Buckle up

Discover Volvo's most important safety innovations – shining stars that have come to change the world!