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The Building

A building to experience

World of Volvo puts its focus on Scandinavian landscape, environment, and traditions. A unique building design where nature and horizon meet.

Welcome to World of Volvo

World of Volvo

lets the native Swedish landscapes and the freedom to roam* take center stage. Our experience centre will unite Volvo Group and Volvo Cars to share the history, tradition, and future in a single structure entirely built in wood.

Outdoors, an accessible environment where we embrace Sweden's allemansr├Ątten. Indoors, a concept constantly on the move that will involve all your senses and inspire you to interact.

* Allemansrätten = The Right of Public Access

A meeting place in constant motion

The Experience

A wide range of experiences big and small; experimental, loud or intimate.

A vibrant arena

The Venue

A venue with almost endless possibilities and a wide range of exciting experiences.