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A building to experience

World of Volvo uniquely blends Scandinavian landscape, environment, and traditions. The building's round design, covering 22,000 m2, symbolizes a world without boundaries, where nature takes center stage.

Indoors, a constantly evolving concept engages all your senses. Outdoors, you embrace Sweden's "allemansrätt" in an accessible environment. The combination of light, atmosphere and sense of nature present in the building’s different spaces, enhance the overall experience of World of Volvo.

Below is the architects very first concept sketch of the design.

Curious about our architects, Henning Larsen, click HERE

* Allemansrätten = The Right of Public Access

Below World of Volvo...

... a sustainable five-story car park with about 1500 parking spaces is located. The facility is owned by Göteborgs Stads Parkering, and it's their largest one yet. The construction process emphasized sustainability, using "green" concrete with lower carbon emissions. Approximately 10 percent of the spaces offers electric chargers.

A unique design

World of Volvo rises from a solid platform of eco-friendly concrete and a supporting structure of glulam beams and cross-laminated timber (CLT). The building is entirely built in wood and glass. The glass facade lets sunlight in, conserving energy while providing a natural feel. No two spaces are the same and there are no right angles or repetition. The design and structure supports the feeling of a lively meeting place.